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Loxeal CA Remover CR2 is a solvent-free non-flammable blend to be used to remove cured cyanoacrylate adhesive from surfaces, clothing or to debond parts assembled with cyanoacrylate adhesives.
Long lasting removing action due to effective dissolving over time.
Designed to improve operating conditions of operators, with particular care for their health and safety, CA Remover CR2 doesn’t report on label any risk phrase or symbol because it is not classified as dangerous, according to actual directive on dangerous products.

Use and application:
CA remover CR2, applied to cured cyanoacrylate adhesive, provides dissolving within several seconds or several minutes depending on the amount of adhesive.
Thin layers of adhesive can be wiped off with a cloth soaked in CA Remover.
Thick beads or drops will take between 30 to 60 seconds to dissolve the adhesive. A re-applying of product could be necessary.
Bonded parts may require several minutes of soaking.


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